Italy rejects reforms

December 6, 2016

The Italian electorate resoundingly rejected Matteo Renzi’s package of constitutional reforms. Another shock for project Europe? Hold your horses, says Senior Europe Analyst, David Lea.


RiskMap Podcast: A referendum in Italy; a leadership crisis in South Korea; and elections in Ghana

December 5, 2016

In this edition of the RiskMap Podcast, hosted by Charles Hecker and Claudine Fry, we discuss the current political uncertainties at play in Italy, South Korea, and Ghana, and the potential impact on global business. 


India: 2014 Country Forecast

February 14, 2014

With a general election due by the end of May, could 2014 be a transformative year for India? Control Risks’ India analyst gives his outlook for the year ahead.


Italian Elections 2013: Elections update

April 25, 2013

David Lea, Senior Europe Analyst at Control Risks discusses the progress in Italy on the appointment of a new Prime Minister.


Italian elections 2013: Implications for Italy and the Eurozone

February 26, 2013

Following the results of the latest election, Control Risks Italy analyst David Lea discusses what the results mean both for Italy and the Eurozone.