RiskMap Podcast: Netanyahu goes to Moscow, the US government faces a shutdown and Modi visits Seattle

September 25, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, visits Moscow amid concern over Russian military deployments in Syria; could the US government be facing another shutdown and what does Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, hope to get out of visiting Seattle?

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Preventing violence in the workplace

September 18, 2015
Workplace violence affects every country and is something that employers need to guard against as part of their duty of care. A discussion with John Lane, director of Control Risks’ Crisis and Resilience Consulting practice in Los Angeles.
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RiskMap Podcast: Brazil’s Woes, Xi’s US Visit and Presidential Politics in Uganda

September 11, 2015

In the coming weeks, Brazil faces a deepening crisis as a corruption scandal spurs a credit downgrade, Chinese President Xi Jinping makes his first state visit to the United States against a backdrop of geoeconomic uncertainty, and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni seeks a fifth term. Hosted by Charles Hecker and Michael Moran.

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RiskMap Podcast: Managing Markets in China and the US, Europe’s Migrant Dilemma

August 28, 2015

With Chinese officials struggling to rein in the country’s economy after a week of extreme market volatility, the US Federal Reserve weighs a long-anticipated decision to raise interest rates for the first time in a decade. Meanwhile, the European Union’s struggles with migration exposes rifts within the bloc. Hosted by Charles Hecker and Michael Moran.

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RiskMap Podcast: Iraq’s reforms and electoral politics in Canada and Argentina

August 14, 2015

Recent government reforms in Iraq address popular demand for better government function, but have the potential to drive further instability in the country in the short and medium term. Meanwhile, election races in Canada and Argentina have the potential to unseat long-ruling parties—or at least usher in changes to each country’s economic policy. Hosted by Michael Moran and Gala Riani.

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Turkey post-election outlook

August 12, 2015

Following Turkey's recent parliamentary elections, this Control Risks podcast discusses the major political and security developments and how they have contributed to a climate of increasing uncertainty in the country.

About the presenters

Cagdas Cataltas
is a Senior Consultant in Control Risks' Compliance, Forensics and Intelligence practice.

Ali Sokmen is an Associate Analyst in Control Risks' Global Risk Analysis department.

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Securing the Built Environment & Critical Infrastructure - West Africa

August 10, 2015

Simon White, Associate Director, discusses the need for effective security design to help mitigate risks to the built environment in West Africa.

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RiskMap Podcast: China’s Stocks, Malaysia’s Scandal and Poland’s New President

July 31, 2015

The coming weeks will see continued volatility in China’s stock market, potentially sowing the seeds of political challenges for the Communist Party. In Malaysia, political challenges have turned into full-blown crisis as Prime Minister fights for his political life amid an embezzlement scandal. Meanwhile Poland prepares for the presidency of Andrzej Duda, the anti-establishment candidate who upset incumbent Bronisław Komorowski in last May’s election. Hosted by Charles Hecker and Claudine Fry.

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Pinning down Al Shabaab

July 21, 2015

Kenya's Westgate shopping mall has reopened nearly two years after an attack by Somali militant group al Shabaab.  Kenya now says it has al Shabaab on the run, but is the threat misunderstood?

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RiskMap Podcast: Trans-Pacific trade and US-Africa ties

July 17, 2015

The coming weeks will see trade ministers convene in Hawaii for renewed talks on the proposed Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, as well as major developments in US-African relationships—the arrival of newly elected Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in Washington, and a subsequent trip by Barack Obama to Kenya and Ethiopia. Hosted by Angela Mancini and Jonathan Wood.

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Westgate to Garissa… the future of militant extremism in East Africa

July 9, 2015

With no successful terrorist attack in Nairobi and Mombasa since May 2014 and al-Shabab being on the back foot in Somalia, it is understandable that some have been quick to dismiss the group. However, measuring the state of al-Shabab by the size of territory under its control or the number of foreign militants is misleading. Rather than signs of terminal decline, changes in al-Shabab’s operating pattern are a potential source of future strength.

Paul Gabriel, East Africa Analyst

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Greece’s last chance

July 7, 2015

As the Greek government goes back to the creditors with yet another restructuring plan, David Lea, Senior Europe Analyst at Control Risks talks to Dr James Nixon, Chief Europe Economist at Oxford Economics.

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RiskMap Podcast: India and the BRICS, global terrorist threats, and Europe’s future

July 3, 2015

India boasts the swiftest economic growth of any BRICS nation ahead of the BRICS summit in Russia, yet the story may be too good to be true; recent terrorist attacks forebode an elevated threat; and pondering Europe without Greece. Hosted by Charles Hecker and Michael Moran.

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Tunisia terror outlook

June 29, 2015

After a gunman linked to the Islamic State group killed 38 tourists at the beach resort of Sousse, Control Risks’ lead North Africa analyst, Geoff Howard, talks about the terror risk in Tunisia and the region.

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Securing the Built Environment & Critical Infrastructure

June 23, 2015

The built environment and critical infrastructure have long been subject to a range of threats and hazards - from anti-social behaviour and general criminality, through to sabotage, terrorism and natural hazards.

Mark Whyte, Senior Managing Director, discusses the security risks to the built environment and critical infrastructure as well as the mitigation strategies that can be applied to help secure these valuable, and often vulnerable assets.

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