RiskMap Podcast: Ebola’s Impact, Oil Prices Tank and Brazil Votes

October 24, 2014

In the coming weeks, global businesses will continue grappling with how the Ebola outbreak affects West Africa’s emerging markets, plummeting oil prices will bring joy to some and pain to others, and Brazilians’ choice of presidents will have major business implications.

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RiskMap Podcast: Slow Global Growth, Putin in Belgrade, Bolivia Votes

October 10, 2014

The World Bank and IMF convene amid gloomy global economic forecasts, Vladimir Putin commemorates the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade with an eye on Europe, and Evo Morales is poised to win a third term as Bolivia’s president.

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Preparing for Ebola

September 30, 2014

Dr. Robert Quigley of International SOS discusses how organizations should respond to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the likelihood that the disease will spread more globally and the importance of including infectious diseases in business continuity planning. 

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RiskMap Podcast: Modi Visits DC, Russia’s Oligarchs Bristle and Brazil Votes

September 26, 2014
In the coming weeks, the heads of the world’s two largest democracies meet in Washington, Russia’s business leaders react to the arrest of one of their own, and Brazilians head to the polls in a close presidential race. 
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RiskMap Podcast: Scotland’s Referendum, Xi Visits India and the UN Meets in New York

September 12, 2014

Scotland’s independence movement, once a fringe issue, poses big questions for businesses across Europe; Asia’s giants explore closer ties when Xi Jinping travels to India to visit Narendra Modi; and the UN General Assembly convenes without Vladimir Putin in attendance.

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NATO’s Tense Summit

September 1, 2014

The first NATO summit since the Ukraine crisis began comes at a time when NATO nations are divided about how forcefully to resist Russian aggression. Control Risks’ Europe Analyst Cvete Koneska explains the alliance must strike a balance; assuaging the fears of its central and eastern European members without escalating tensions with Moscow.

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RiskMap Podcast: End of Summer Edition

August 29, 2014

As summer draws to a close, this special edition of the podcast looks at major events on the horizon, from the challenges of global governance on display at NATO, G-20 and United Nations summits to the strains that slowed economic growth will have on national politics in Brazil, Japan and the United States.

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RiskMap Podcast: Ebola outbreak, India’s privatisation programme and the American midterm election campaign

August 15, 2014

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, India’s nascent privatisation programme and the kickoff of the American midterm election campaign headline our survey of global risk for late August 2014 in the latest edition of RiskMap Podcast from Control Risks.

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Mongolia: Investment landscape

August 14, 2014

Anna Walker, Head of Europe Analysis at Control Risks looks at the current investment situation in Mongolia following the introduction recently of some more investor-friendly legislation.

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Organised crime and gang violence in Central America’s Northern Triangle

August 5, 2014
Control Risks' lead analyst for Central America, Gavin Strong, highlights the deteriorating security environment in Central America's Northern Triangle region - Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador - where the breakdown in the long-standing truce between drugs gangs has resulted in a significant uptick in shootouts, gangland killings, ambushes of police patrols and extortion-related attacks. He considers the short- and medium-term outlook for the security environment and the likely implications for business.

About the presenter

Gavin Strong is Control Risks' lead analyst covering the Central America region. He provides regular political and security risk analysis for Control Risks’ subscription services Country Risk Forecast and PRIME. Before joining Control Risks, Gavin worked for IHS Jane’s and Oxford Analytica and was a researcher for the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Gavin is a regular commentator in the media for outlets including the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the Mexican news site Animal Político.
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RiskMap Podcast: Summits for ASEAN and Africa, Elections in Turkey

August 1, 2014

ASEAN nations meet this month amid heightened territorial tensions in what is otherwise an economic hot spot. Meanwhile, Barack Obama plays host to African leaders in Washington, and Turks head to the polls in a presidential election that could alter the structure of the government.

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Violence and voting - Nigeria 2015 outlook

July 18, 2014

Nigerians go to the polls in 2015, with some predicting that the recently formed All Progressives Congress could finally provide a viable rival party to the PDP, which has swept to victory in the three elections since 1999. In the runup to those polls, Boko Haram has stepped up its campaign of violence as it seeks to put across its message. Roddy Barclay, Senior Analyst within Control Risks' Global Risks Analysis business considers the potential for Boko Haram to further ramp up their campaign into Nigeria's commercial hub, and what implications this upsurge in violence might have for the upcoming elections.

About the presenter

roddy-barclay.jpgRoddy Barclay is a senior analyst within Control Risks’ political risk monitoring and analysis business. He is responsible for assessing political, operational and security developments in West Africa. Roddy has conducted extensive research and consulting trips across his region of expertise, helping clients to understand and manage their changing risk exposure.

Prior to joining the Africa desk three-and-a-half years ago, he worked as an Africa kidnap analyst in Control Risks’ Response department. In this role, he delivered numerous reports and briefings on the rise of militant Islamist kidnapping in the Sahel-Sahara region.

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RiskMap Podcast: Iran’s Nuclear Negotiations, Mexico’s Reforms, And The ‘Post-Crimea’ Era

July 18, 2014

Nuclear negotiations with Iran are all but certain to miss a key deadline, yet there is still cause for optimism, according to the latest RiskMap podcast. Meanwhile, landmark reforms in Mexico begin taking shape, and tensions over Ukraine spur speculation about the trajectory of global power politics.

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RiskMap Podcast: Argentina’s debt, Libya post election and the upcoming BRICS summit

July 4, 2014

The prospects of an Argentinian debt default is the lead issue up for discussion in the latest instalment of the fortnightly podcast from Control Risks. Also joining Michael and Charles is Geoffrey Howard who having recently returned from a visit to Tripoli, considers the outlook for Libya following the low turnout at recent elections.

About the presenters

Charles Hecker, Global Research Director

CharlesHecker6.jpgAs Global Research Director, Charles Hecker is responsible for shaping Control Risks’ thought leadership on geopolitics, global security, macroeconomics and political risk methodology issues, and their impact on international business. Charles speaks at industry, policy and academic conferences and represents the company’s work to the international media. Charles also contributes to the content and production of Control Risks’ research services and designs and delivers complex, multi-jurisdiction political and security risk consultancy.
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Bulgarian banks - on the brink?

July 2, 2014

The European Commission earlier this week approved 1.7 billion euros in credit from Bulgaria’s central bank to boost the liquidity of the country’s banks, after savers in one of the four largest commercial banks, First Investment Bank, rushed to withdraw their deposits following rumours about the bank’s insolvency. This was the second bank run in two weeks, after Corporate Commercial Bank experienced similar problems. Control Risks' eastern Europe analyst, Cvete Koneska, discusses the outlook for Bulgaria and its banking sector.

About the presenter

cvete.jpgCvete Koneska is Control Risks’ lead analyst for Southeast Europe. She is responsible for providing security, political and operational risk analysis on countries in the region, providing regular contributions to Control Risks' subscription publications and advising clients on political and security risk factors impacting their investments.

Prior to joining Control Risks, Cvete completed a DPhil degree in politics at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, where she researched factors driving success in post-conflict policy-making in the Balkans. Her book After Ethnic Conflict is due to be published in November 2014.

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