Election preview: Brazil at a turning point

October 24, 2018

In this Control Risks podcast we hear from Thomaz Favaro, the firm's lead political risk analyst for Brazil and the Southern Cone.

As Brazil slowly recovers from an economic recession and a series of high profile corruption scandals, voters head to the polls on Sunday in what will be the country's most significant presidential election in recent history. Thomaz dials in from São Paulo to discuss the outlook for Brazil and what the final round vote will mean for the business environment. 


‘Tiger kidnapping’ on the rise in Brazil: Who is most at risk?

August 22, 2017

Control Risks currently records more incidents of so-called ‘tiger kidnapping’ in Brazil than in any other country around the world, with one case on average every ten days this year. In this podcast Joseph Smith, our Special Risks Analyst for the Americas region, explains what this type of kidnapping involves and who is most at risk.


RiskMap Podcast: Building a Dubai in Africa; the future of US-EU security cooperation; Brazil & Argentina opening to trade

February 25, 2017

In this edition of the RiskMap podcast, hosted by Charles Hecker and Maria Knapp, we discuss the African countries who are vying to build the continent’s first Dubai-like megahub; US-EU and NATO relations in the wake of the Munich Security Conference; and the outlook for Brazil and Argentina as they liberalize their economies. 


RiskMap Podcast: Hungary votes on migration, Haiti’s presidential election, & an update on the BRICS

October 1, 2016

In this edition we discuss the EU's refugee crisis and Hungary's referendum on migration; the upcoming presidential election and potential for violence in Haiti; and the challenges facing the BRICS nations on the eve of their annual summit. 


RiskMap Podcast: NATO, security at the Olympics, & South Africa’s political future

July 22, 2016

In this edition, we discuss NATO's plans, security challenges at Brazil's Olympics, and South Africa's political future.


RiskMap Podcast: Saudi economic reforms, the long-term outlook for Brazil, and legal uncertainty in Poland

May 13, 2016

In this edition we discuss the reforms Saudi Arabia is enacting amidst the downturn in global oil prices; the outlook for business in Brazil, where the president has been temporarily removed; and the controversy that is fueling massive protests in Poland.


RiskMap Podcast: Corruption as a driver of political risk, an impeachment vote in Brazil, and scandal in Malaysia

April 15, 2016

In this edition of our look ahead at the coming two weeks in the global business landscape, we discuss corruption as a driver of political upheaval around the world and zoom in on Brazil and Malaysia, where corruption scandals are impacting the business environment.


RiskMap Podcast: Brazil’s Woes, Xi’s US Visit and Presidential Politics in Uganda

September 11, 2015

In the coming weeks, Brazil faces a deepening crisis as a corruption scandal spurs a credit downgrade, Chinese President Xi Jinping makes his first state visit to the United States against a backdrop of geoeconomic uncertainty, and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni seeks a fifth term. Hosted by Charles Hecker and Michael Moran.


Sanctions Against Venezuela, Mr. Ghani Goes to Washington, and Scandal in Brazil

March 13, 2015

The coming weeks will see continued fallout from the US decision to impose sanctions against Venezuela in the midst of that country’s economic and social struggles; newly elected Afghan President Ashraf Ghani makes his first visit to Washington where he will seek to prolong US support for his precarious government; and a scandal involving senior Brazilian politicians and the country’s oil company Petrobras underscore corruption risk in Brazil. Hosted by Charles Hecker and Michael Moran.


RiskMap Podcast: Ebola’s Impact, Oil Prices Tank and Brazil Votes

October 24, 2014

In the coming weeks, global businesses will continue grappling with how the Ebola outbreak affects West Africa’s emerging markets, plummeting oil prices will bring joy to some and pain to others, and Brazilians’ choice of presidents will have major business implications.


RiskMap 2014: Brazil Outlook

December 10, 2013

Thomaz Favaro, Control Risks lead analyst for Brazil looks ahead to an extremely important year for the country with elections in October and the FIFA World Cup in June.