Greece’s last chance

July 7, 2015

As the Greek government goes back to the creditors with yet another restructuring plan, David Lea, Senior Europe Analyst at Control Risks talks to Dr James Nixon, Chief Europe Economist at Oxford Economics.


RiskMap Podcast: Asia’s New Bank, Parsing the Iran Deal, and Greece’s Struggles

April 10, 2015

The coming weeks will see the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank take shape amid irresistible appetites for investing in Asia, efforts to promote the Iran nuclear deal continue with a mix of caution and optimism, and Greece’s negotiations with the EuroZone remain precarious. Hosted by Charles Hecker and Michael Moran.


RiskMap Podcast: Lingering Questions in Greece, Venezuela’s Oil Woes

February 27, 2015

Negotiations between Greece and the Eurozone will continue in the coming weeks, following a short-term deal that did little to address Greece’s long-term economic outlook. Meanwhile, low oil prices have put Venezuela’s economy on the ropes, raising the risk of social unrest and fears of sovereign default.


Greeks vote against EU austerity – now what?

January 26, 2015

The people of Greece have chosen the Coalition of the Radical Left or SYRIZA to form the next government. Falling just short of an overall majority,SYRIZA will enter a coalition with the Independent Greeks party. The one thing the two partners have in common is fierce opposition to austerity measures that come with the European Union bailout.

With the Coalition of the Radical Left or SYRIZA preparing to govern Greece on a platform of ending austerity, Control Risks Senior Europe Analyst, David Lea looks at the tough choices faced by the new government, Greece and Europe.


Elections Update: Greece and Belgium

May 22, 2014

While most attention is being drawn on the European elections, Charles Hecker, Global Research Director,  and David Lea, Senior Analyst for Western Europe look at two other countries which are voting both in those elections and also domestically this week. Greece and Belgium.