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RiskMap Podcast: Planning for Natural Disasters; Africa Investment Risks & Rewards; Catalonia’s Independence Vote

October 1, 2017

The RiskMap Podcast - A conversation about what's happening in the world and what it means for global business.

In this edition:

  • Rebecca Scorzato, a Partner in the Crisis & Resilience Consulting practice in the Americas, talks about what companies can do prior to and in the aftermath of a natural disaster to ensure the safety of their assets and people, and to resume normal business operations. [Minute 1:47]
  • The flipside of risk is opportunity. Paul Gabriel, lead author of the Africa Risk/Reward Index published by Control Risks and Oxford Economics, discusses highlights from the report and what investors eyeing the continent ought to consider. [Minute 9:27]
  • Nick Panes, head of Control Risks' Global Risk Analysis practice for Europe & Africa, reflects on a recent business trip to Madrid and discusses Catalonia's independence referendum and its impact. [Minute 13:43]


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